Working Papers

The Geography of Remote Work (R&R at Regional Science and Urban Economics)

with Fabian Eckert, Sharat Ganapati, and Conor Walsh (NBER Working Paper 29181)

featured in The Economist, New York Times, Bloomberg, NBER Digest, NYT:TheUpshot, Bloomberg Opinion, WirtschaftsWoche, Marketplace, Governing Magazine

The Geography of Black Economic Progress After Slavery

with Hugo Reichardt

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Racial Income Gaps among Women since 1950

Work in Progress

The Black-White Gap in Economic Well-Being Among Children Since 1940

Intergenerational Mobility and Assortative Mating

with Harriet Brookes Gray and Hugo Reichardt

The G.I. Bill and Black-White Wealth Disparities

with Christiane Szerman